Pagan Pride continues its upward trend of being the largest festival of celebration for the pagan community anywhere in the world. A far cry from 6 stalls, 4 large gazebos and some bands organized by a handful of committed people 7 years ago. Attended by a few hundred to now thousands enjoying the fulfillment of an entire park of bustling activity.

2017 marked for myself a second year, not an active member of the organizing team. A lowly filmmaker – which grants a certain level of freedom to be able to enjoy the festival listen to a number of talks which time never allowed for previously. Got to spend time intermingling with the people, meeting dear friends and making many more. Memories worth forging. Individuals inspired to travel from across the globe to attend such a keynote festival.

Here is the Pagan Pride 2017 Unofficial filmmakers edition. Enjoy. Like, Subscribe and share.