50 shades of potential for the adult film industry. The inevitable translation of the book 50 Shades Of Grey to the silver screen has come to full public release. With reviews less than favourable and has become almost a laughing stock in terms of those who have viewed. S & M slap and tickle for the Twilight generation, indeed E L James was a poster on the website Fanfiction.net and 50 Shades of Grey was in its origin a fantasy fan-fiction of Bella and Edward of Twilight.


Over recent months, been engaging in conversations with fans of the erotic series of books who are friends. About how they think the film would turn out. From comments of those expecting an exact translation to film; which any book fan will tell you happens extremely rare, if at all.

‘It’ll be a poor interpretation’ in another view. Ultimately how much can you get away with on the big screen? How could they pass BDSM to mainstream cinema through the British Board of Film Classification? Reviews have stuck the film as the Downton Abbey of bondage, designed neither to menace nor to offend but purely to cosset the fatigued imagination.

What is the potential?

General porn studios churn out sex, random guy fucks random girl.  Many studios have regular performers. But ultimately its all much straight forward. No matter what the performance. Could a quality adult film studio, produce a production closer to the books vision? The phenomena of art-house high quality production of x-art and met art.  The funds of the likes of Hefner or its more MTV-generation style counterpart Hustler. Likely candidates. 

Seems they have already started….