Let’s do something meaningful, impactful and that leaves the right impression.

Department leader in full-time employment. Logistically minded. Who leads by encouraging cooperation. Believes in levelling up the skills of the team to achieve stronger results. Firm focus on coaching and expectations. 

Drawing from a wide interest in people, technology, media, and media production. With a Youtube and Bitchute channel, as an outlet for being a filmmaker and project researcher.

Producer and host of the Our Curious World podcast.

Narrator and voice-over talent. Foraying into voice acting, with a recent credit role in a Star Trek audio production.

A key organizer of national-level festivals and event management operations. 

Has been exploring the joy of creating Travel vlogs of interesting and unusual places. Beneficial to this Kristian is a C.A.A. Certified A2 Class commercial Drone operator with advanced skills in videography, video editing, photography, and graphic design.

Has a passionate interest in the world of curiosity and Fortean. Member of ASSAP. (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) Hosting and editing the popular weekly ASSAP Webinar presentations. 

Formerly host of the ‘Rabbit Hole That Is Reality’ radio podcast and former editor of Beyond The Line magazine. Has published approx 140 articles and features on various topics surrounding the unexplained. Maintained the Paranormal Network from 2007-2012.

Looking to learn more about life’s mysteries!
Observer of the daily tussle. 

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