Seriously Strange represents 35 years of taking the strange, seriously! ASSAP is an education association dedicated to discovering the scientific truth behind unexplained anomalous phenomena. Many prominent speakers over the weekend, discussing a range of topics. I was humbly approached to give a presentation talk, by Norie Miles. ASSAP List of speakers 

ASSAP has no corporate beliefs and encourages an open-minded, undogmatic scientific approach to its subject. The main activities of the association are research into reports of anomalous phenomena and the analysis and publication of the results of such investigation. Founded on the 10th June 1981. Founders included well known authors Hilary Evans and Jenny Randles as well as Fortean Times editor Bob Rickard and scientists Drs Hugh Pincott and Vernon Harrison. Other founders included Alan Cleaver and Maurice Townsend. 

I shall be delivering a talk on the Sunday afternoon on the topic of “Magic in your pocket and reality of alchemy.”

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The conference is happening in the city of Reading, at the Quality Hotel. Saturday 10th September to Sunday 11th September.

Tickets are available. Purchase Ticket options currently just £19.99 for the whole weekend, unprecedented value.


Speakers and presentations include:

Deborah Hyde
The Natural Historie of the European Werewolf

Dr Leo Ruickbie
The Sociology of Ghost Hunting

Rev Peter Laws
Talk: Does God Believe in Ghosts? The Curious Clash of Christians and Spooks.’

Alan Murdie
Talk: Ghost Hunting and the late Andrew Green

Steve Parsons Paranormal Investigator
Subject: Paranormal Investigation

John Fraser 
Talk: “The lost ‘science’ of Witness Testimony? – Investigating the ‘Cage’ at St Osyth”

Dr Terry Palmer 
Talk: Are mass killings the acts of evil people, the psychologically disturbed or are they possessed?

Ann Winsper
Talk: The Mystic Teresa Helena Higginson

David Saunders
Talk: Dreaming: The evidence for the survival hypothesis

Jayne Harris
Talk: Haunted Dolls

Anthony Peake
Talk: Opening the Doors of Perception

Alyson Dunlop
Talk: Erotic Magic

David Farrant
The entity at Highgate

Malcolm Robinson

Richard Freeman
Talk: The continued existence of the Tasmanian wolf

Trystan Swale