A week off from the asylum, so decided to book a 4 star hotel and a couple of days in the city known as…

‘Like all the best masters of disguise it’s gone by many names: Eboracum, Eoforvic, Jorvic… today we just call it York. As our Terror Trail tour guide Damien put it so poetically. 

To read the review of the Terror Trail please visit http://www.itsmuchmore.com/review/york-terror-trail York with its steeped history that is not feign from a story or three. So much so, the tourist centric city has a half dozen ghost tours. We thought we would enjoy at least one of the infamous tours. Seemed every corner we turned we found a sign for a ghost tour. One guided tour with a difference took my attention, after a passing recommendation. The Terror Trail.

Last time I visited York, I was in school year 5-6 I think for a trip to the Jorvik Viking Centre. A memory of leaving the lunchbox behind when the school coach had left, didn’t go down well with the teachers when I mentioned it. Strange as it may sound, I kept it in my head the entire trip that we would in visit the Viking Centre during our getaway… and did not happen. Become full on tourists, taking in all the small streets and dark corners.

York minster a truly beautiful structure that dominated the skyline and made for a great landmark to navigate by. Covered in all kinds of exquisite gargoyles with a angel covering her face walking down the front left face towards the main door. Thoughts casting to the tremendously dark episode of Tennant era Doctor Who – ‘Blink’ and the weeping angels.

No trip to York is not complete without a trip to the Golden Fleece.