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Gold flyer arrives
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Gold flyer arrives 

Published – Sep 2011. As you can see I’m now sporting the “Gold flyer” pin badge, as seen and worn by Giorgio A. Tsoukalos on History Channel’s ANCIENT ALIENS and UFO Hunters!

Mainstream archaeologists claim that these 1,500 year-old objects are nothing more than stylized figures of fish, birds, frogs, bats, or insects. But are they really? Doesn’t this shape remind of something else? A plane?

Clearly, these fascinating objects display aerodynamic features, complete with delta-wings, tail stabilizers and elevators, fuselage, and a rudder, none of which are found in the animal kingdom… Talk about a conversation starter!

Giogio Tsoukalos

Sylvia my partner brought it online Legendary Books for $25 plus shipping to UK obviously 🙂

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