Often we would see memes and statements, of how 1984 was not meant to be an instruction manual. Little knowing that in 2020, would be Orwell himself raising an eyebrow to the extent of the control grid has manifested in the wake of the COVID-19 emergence. Which has ushered in, the “New Normal”. We have seen Tenets of the “New faith” taking hold. All the measures of a new control system in place, hiding in plain sight for our safety.

Throughout the annuls of time from the ancient epochs through to today. When humans have struggled for answers they form concepts. Concepts of how they perceive the world to be, to give their strife and day to day life; meaning, a purpose. A way to see project ideas into patterns/rules that you would want others to follow.

When our ancestors heard thunder, it was assumed it was the movement of powerful gods who needed to be appeased. Those reactions to what we don’t understand create inherit systems, that can be hard to break. Becoming cultural and traditions. For we must sacrifice on the alter who we are and our children, to go willingly to ensure the gods are placated. A way to bring order to the perceived chaos. Central American pre-Columbian era saw tens of thousands of people sacrificed willingly during a time of famine, during times of drought or abundant flooding rains. Their lives, a gift to their overseeing invisible deity who to their minds, needed blood. A few select individuals in their governance believed this was the best course of action. Creating systems and following patterns is what humans are really good at. Finding meaningful connections when there none. Patternicity as Michael Shermer once coined it in 2008. We are incredibly prone to doubling down, even when presented with superior information. Cognitive dissonance. From November/December 2019 there was a gentle ramping up of information about an emerging new threat, an invisible threat. A Hollywood production, a doomsday novel, an epic oral tale come to life on near every screen, every paper and audio outlet with the ability to wipe-out the world civilization. COVID-19, a Coronavirus.

The media over time has become working the 24-hour news cycle. Every moment, a calamity magnified. To keep us hooked on the content they produce. For every major story that becomes drawn out, we always wonder what will it take to change the narrative to talk about something else. Anything else! As soon as COVID-19 hit the mainstream, it hasn’t stopped. Even disrupting the mighty Donald Trump out of the cycle, well temporarily. What has emerged since the media-hyped pandemic came to the screens and stands is something that can be described looking at the hallmarks of a new religion. I’m certainly not the only one to make remarks to this effect, it’s just taken me longer to put fingers to the keyboard. As I see it, there also may not just be one “new faith” evolving here. Perhaps even down the line, as these “new faiths” move together side by side, with their truths aligned. Pulling the lens back on the wider reaches there is perhaps the modern potential to have the equivalent of the Council of Nicea gathering. Where once Roman Emperor Constantine gathered the various sects of Christendom and hammered out the going forward narrative that defined the following 1700 years. That new gathering may be close.

Of the new faith narratives forming (or have formed) is the rise of the celebration of death cults. Venerating and prophesizing destruction as key tenets. Wanting to see the most advanced forms of society burn, seemingly sold in a guise of saving them from themselves. The salvation of death. Xtinction Rebellion falls into this narrative. A document of XR UK called the UK Vital Action Strategy lists suicide, including methods in their brainstorming. “We must encourage more extreme actions to achieve meaningful change … Extreme self-sacrificial actions can act as a vanguard for the movement, inspiring people in their rebellious journey and focusing the world’s attention.’ The same document refers to “Self sacrifice”, “Hunger strike to the death”, and “1 person → Suicide, stock exchange.
Other ideas put forward in their document –

# Scare the f*** out of people
# Fear of death → famine, air pollution, placards with facts, roll call of people who have died.
# FEAR OF HELL, hell on earth, fire, floods, children & vulnerable people on the frontline.
# Spray traffic lights black“.
Quadrant an independent Australian news source. Has done some good research highlighting their exploits. Sourcing information such as their £2.6m in donations in 2019. XR hiring mercenaries as agitators.

Sourcing The Telegraph article describing XR
“… not only irresponsible but have the hallmarks of a millenarian death cult.”  
“there can be no mistaking what the movement actually is a doomsday cult. One that plays on peoples’ emotions and fears.”


If ever were their plans clear, for their intention of faith.

“Extinction Rebellion isn’t about the climate .. never say we’re a climate movement .. we’re not. We’re a Rebellion coming together through mass political action that breaks the law. It’s the most effective way to actually create acrisis in society. Through mass civil resistance, we’re going to create a new global regime.”


On the flip side of Death. Let’s talk love! The same vein is the Green Revolution / worship. Environmental movement. Along these narrative plains, there is clear cross sectionality and pollination. Green Revolutionists prophecizing the end of the world. Aiming to curb humanities actions against the natural world and its resources. Movement away from fossil fuels towards solar and renewables sources. Driving compelling actions to avoid catastrophe. Whilst it can be understood such ideals are noble. Within such niches form subcultures. Quirks of perversion and sexuality are also appearing, people embracing ecological sexual fantasies. So-called “Eco-sexuals.” Performing sexual acts with earth and trees. A prime example being art project/earth brothel, the Ecosexual Bathhouse. “The Ecosexual Bathhouse is the first venue of its kind in the world, created response to the growing demand for a safe, NSA space where the enviro-oriented can blossom, submit and explore.” http://helloponyexpress.com/ecosexual-bathhouse-home Two such services on offer are the COMPOST GLORY HOLE So deep and dank, you’ll want to come over and over. DEVOLUTION SWING. Try your hand at some devolution play; you may never want to go back!

At this year’s San Francisco Pride Parade, there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony and celebration as ‘E’ was officially added to the LGBTQIA+ acronym.

Wherever Death and Love meet is a dangerous place. We have also seen Greta Thunberg being pedestalled as some kind of green messiah. Famously her speech at the United Nations. Manipulated perhaps, she is in her keynote sentence not incorrect on the fairy tales of eternal economic growth.

“People are dying; entire ecosystems are collapsing,” she said. “We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!”

Greta Thunberg

Let’s cycle back to where we began. By far outpacing all those slowly evolving faiths, a new religion. Coming in like a raging storm centred much like the medieval days of religious success, attuned to the value of fear.

Gathered for the holy corona, the year of the new normal, “the eternal normal”, the perpetual year. Thou shall not venture out into the street without a face-covering!

Thou shall not meet friends, and loving ones. unless we say so. Heresy if you do. Having faith in those in white coats, concocting the elixir-remedy. Mantras most of all, “Stay alert, control the virus, save lives!”
Follow us and take our guidance as we go through blindly into the night. Proclaim the new religion of Covidinanity. It is interesting how the unseen virus and the collective reaction to it, has acquired many of the properties of religion, articles of faith.

The corona, it is everywhere, it is ever pervasive, indestructible, it has achieved godlike status.
There are symbols and Sacraments. The most important outward symbol is the wearing of a mask, a symbol that you are a true believer, devout. In the way, people have worn crosses for 2000 years, and are awaiting deliverance. Deliverance of the most important sacrament! The vaccine.
As the Australian PM Scott Morrison said, “expect it to be mandatory…” Covid-Normal before the New normal. “Wait for a vaccine.”

Heretics will be defined, for their non-compliance. Then punished and shunned. Refusing sacrament of the vaccine is tantamount to decrying Christ. Non-believers in the church of the new normal will not be tolerated. (With arrest and internment camps on the table as options. Re: New Zealand.) There are rules to follow. To show true virtue one must wear a mask. One must socially distance. If you wear a mask, you believe in the virus, you believe in its power. To true-believers it wards away evil. the mask wards away the virus.
True believers of Covidianity, will take a deliberate side-step of wide-berth if you are to close. A clear indication they walk the faith.
Never to somewhere where there are 6 people. The rules are set. Others include the washing of the hands-on entering any premises. more then reminiscent like dousing oneself in holy water on entering a church. It has many of the measures of becoming a faith, people are keen to follow something.
In a time of false worship of celebrities and brands. Here is something that is reminiscent of medieval practised of faith, in that it is based and sold on fear. the covid. I am afraid, therefore I act in accordance to the articles of faith, absolutely. I display my faith. I cannot wait to take the holy sacrament when it becomes available, the vaccine. Ambush and Triumph.
People want to believe in something. with this they have something to believe in, defines their behaviour, there is a powerful psychological re-enforcement you will accept or die.

The camps
Those who do not believe in the covid, but play out the rules to non arouse any issues. small business owners, drivers, those just getting on with it.
Those who believe say 50/50, they wear the mask to make others feel safe The just in case position. Helping maintain decorum especially to their elders. Common position
Then there is the devout. The strong believers in Covidianity. They give a hard time to others. Public shaming, threatening to inform the authority. Those of the new inquisition. No hesitation to call in on your neighbours, friends and family to the clerics, the Covid marshalls. “For they are non-believers and heretics!”
True believers becoming increasingly intolerant of the heretics, for they are endangering others due to a lack of faith.

As faith has diminished out of society, a rise in sense and knowledge of its citizenship, but that sense is not shared by all. For many there is a void, it has driven people to make new virtues to chase, whether its gender imbalance, inequalities highlighted as we now have a greater sense of information, bandwagons to jump on for a righteous cause. Covid, trumps all and fills that void, covid has the direct fear factor, it is fear absolute here and now, a new replacement religion. covid is an ever-present danger everywhere – the new evil among us!

Foreseeing witch-hunts becoming part of the New Normal too. “It was her! She refused the vaccine. She could give Covid to the community! Out! Out!”
Dunking the heretic in the river, does she float, yup she had it. Or drown, oh she was innocent – see the proof this method works!

Considering the success/failure of covid testing, it could be extrapolated to the rule of chance. The False positives scandal. Papaya, wiping the pavement, a dogs fur all sending back positive results.

You need your papers to travel. You need your validated covid-passport to visit anywhere. The New inquisition, the New Puritans, The New Normal.

Further inspired to completion by 21st Century Wire conversation with Patrick Henningson and Basil Valentine – Church of the New Normal https://21stcenturywire.com/2020/10/04/episode-343-church-of-new-normal-with-host-patrick-henningsen-and-guests/