Not quite a ‘Newgrange’ replica, what I did find was quite a remarkable looking structure within the grounds of a cemetery north of the city of Nottingham. Found on the very cusp of the city boundary between the City of Nottingham and the area known as Nuthall on the A6002. Was informed of the structure quite some time ago, whenever I pass through this road I would always catch sight of it. Kept placing a mental signpost that I will visit it, just to answer what it truly looks that. I woke up, trekked up and intended to solve my curiosity.


What we have here is not a replica of Newgrange, we have an Earth mound. Captured an interesting contrast photograph, of frosted grass and grass where the sun has evaporated the frost.



The earth mound, often associated with ancient cultures. Mounds are located through the world found across many countries. Thought to be burial sites of giants who walked the Earth in aeons gone past. Indeed many skeletonal remains and reports have been found at the mounds. This mound known as the ‘Assembly’ is hollow within, the circular stone framework upon is in fact an atrium. I went up the mound to look it up closely and to take a look at the view.


So the question is what is place? Opened on the 10th June
2006 and was planned and designed to
minimise environmental impact.  High Wood Cemetery covers 30 acres of land and is a mixture of meadow grassland
and woodland incorporating sympathetic
artworks. High Wood Cemetery is named after the
small block of ancient deciduous woodland (high wood) sited at the heart of the cemetery.

Present is a range of wildlife that can be seen such as Hares, Muntjac Deer, Pheasant and wide variety of birds. Botanists would love this place too with the wild flower meadows containing such species as, Ox Eye Daisy, Birds Foot Trefoil, Common Vetch and common Knapweed.

The cemetery and woodland park is a wonderful open space. A green flag awarded place. Hope anyone local would come and visit.