From the title, you can likely surmise that I’m currently under home isolation. 14 days under lock and key, thankfully my own lock and key. At least for now.
As the world runs out of toilet roll and hand sanitizer. These few walls here will be my containment.
From the beginning of the crisis, it was like, what do I do have to do? As the UK government just wash your hands and sing happy birthday. Taking notice of the story of a person who had contracted the 2019 Coronavirus and had beaten it with the classic remedy of a Whisky, hot water and spoon of honey. Ahh yes, that nuclear option! Wipeout any viral or bacterial matter. Made it a nightly routine of Hot whisky toddy! Complete with regular citrus and greens.

Working in retail during this crisis, being frontline with a variety of individuals from who knows and carrying who knows! With respect, the hygiene of a number of them leaves much to be desired. Still ones hands to oneself, avoiding people breathing on you. If anyone even remotely coughs, sneezes in general direction, don’t breathe in through your nose, close mouth and blow gently pushing any particles away. Thus preventing any infection.

Tuesdays chapter and quarantine unfolded when Sylvia the lady of the home. Had very red cheeks, a calmy brow and claims of a sore throat. Followed by dizziness and lethargic behaviour. Frequent coughs throughout the day. Brought through the air filter purifier. The reality of potential outcome. Sylvia explained that her work colleagues father was confirmed to have Covid-19. Sylvia had spent considerable time with him on shifts recently. Call to NHS111. Direction was to her she, must self isolate. 7 days, be sure if symptoms continue and develop within those days call back and arrangement of a medical team will attend to verify. Do not go to GPs, A&E, Pharmacy, completely self isolate. Living with anyone, they must also isolate too.
Have noticed my own throat become coarse over the last few days and runny nose, had put it down more to do with the changing weather and frequently getting wet at work in the warehouse.
Have been applying the nuclear option regularly and doubled doing so.

Anxious about calling my own workplace, leading a small team covering colleagues absence/holidays is challenging as it is. My thoughts were how will I be able to support the team, deliveries are large, limited people resources, how will my team be able to fulfil the commitment to the customer. Who right now, are seeing nothing but sparse shelves. If I am off work. My son sharing information of his own employer now closing at 4pm, covering the day with minimum team members. With a history of respiratory conditions, pneumonia and asthma, he on Monday was sent home to isolate as he has high-risk susceptibility. Likewise, I fit in those categories too.

Watching Sylvia deteriorate, her temperature getting higher. Coughing often from the sofa. It has not gone unnoticed that my own has increased. I feel my body, like its beginning to fight something, the physical body is aching. Those aches we carry on with but rear their toll when we become ill.

It is extremely rare to have ever been ill to ever take time off work, it is a personal near embarrassment. There I was hesitant and defiant in doing so. Conflicted. After the reluctant conversation, followed by a second a while later – providing the information to them I was given by the NHS111 and what is available on the NHS111 website. Confirming 14 days off. Crossing into a long booked holiday. Shall be spending this coming March 22nd, my birthday in isolation!