Sion-Marc Simpson and I have been friends connecting on the topics of the unusual. Coupled with his passion for martial arts, art and personal reflection.

Have been trying to write this for a number of weeks, Sion-Marc died in May 2023. on the countdown to his funeral in mid-July where still today, no reason for his death has been released. The time between death and funeral has been uncommonly long due to coroners being shorthanded. Coupled with 2 other friend deaths in the same period has been a lesson in valuing the fragile morality we all have as human beings.

Sion would share personal stories of challenging relationships and mental health. Endeavouring to understand the world and figuring his place within it.

Sion-Marcs’ first foray into the limelight was a story run by the Nottingham Evening Post. There’s a government-supported programme for school leavers called “work experience”. A short run in a workplace environment of your choice, within reason of course. Sion-Marcs macabre mind optioned to work in the Nottingham famous Rock Cemetary for the City Council. Digging graves, maintenance and more in a place home to stone angels and caves.

Sion-Marc and I did a number of recorded conversations, discussing the aspects of the paranormal.
“Already seen”, those who have experienced the feeling describe it as an overwhelming sense of familiarity. In September of 2013, Mark Birch, Sion-Marc Simpson and I gathered around a table with beers with a dictaphone running. Free-flowing conversation across many subjects and topics. Thoughts and ideas being batted around. The conversation arrived at the topic of Deja Vu.

We collaborated in producing a documentary, “EFO, Deliverance and Stage Hypnosis.” Along with Martin Taylor of the Federation of Ethical Stage Hypnotists. Where each aspect utilises a working knowledge of compliance. Empty Force instructors and the charismatic deliverance prophets appear to employ techniques that are indistinguishable from one another. I sort out a martial art instruction with proven experience, namely, I rang Sion-Marc. His character and personality shines as he reacts to the scenes being shown.

We cooperated again to discuss Mental Health, his passion for macabre art and the paranormal for Our Curious World. Sion often spoke of the frustration of what he termed the “paranormal economy”.

Having a steady hand for painting. He loved miniatures and kit modelling giving him a keen eye for 3 dimensional space. Sion’s creative talent lie in delving into the dark side of his personality, he described his unique art as coming from the soul. Twisted and grotesque visions are born from imagination and purpose. Art that reached out into the world. Encouraged him to apply his talent to Youtube and social media of the popular behind-the-scenes production, to engage the audience. Growing a following who can admire the development of his works. The art was as much a therapy as it was his outlet.
A small selection of his works is below in the photos.

It is the collective friends and families’ hope, these are displayed or are available as he would have wanted. Exploring options on how that can be done.