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Episode 22 – Rabbit Hole That Is Reality
Rabbit Hole That Is Reality Radio show

Episode 22 – Rabbit Hole That Is Reality 

Episode 22 Summary – Z-day, UK to censor “Unsavoury” web content, UN shows climate change data, Landmark court case regarding council tax and its links to terrorism.

We aim – To engage, To inform, To inspire. With Social Commentary and Topical Talk of the weeks goings on, which really should have us all looking and asking questions. As well as discoveries, mysteries and much, much more.

We attend Z-Day Conference in London, we discuss our experience and what we took away.

Feature: UK Government moves forward to censoring all content on the web- anything “unsavoury”. What constitutes unsavoury? Goes far beyond pornography.

Echellon, DSE6000, Carnivore, Prism…now Mystic

UN reveals documents regarding the changing world, climate change, environmental, inequality, migration and war

Court case looking to demonstrate Council Tax is funding terrorism. Avoiding paying council tax as it directly funds a terrorist state. Powerful information we need to know.

Technology of the future -… serve a 1000 years prison in your mind in 8 hours.

and a promise of more this is Rabbit Hole That Is Reality.



Internet Filtering: ORG’s censorship monitoring project

Wednesday, Mar 19, 2014, 6:30 PM

Informatics Forum
10 Crichton Street Edinburgh, GB

22 members Went

Last week Virgin Media became the final big Internet Service Provider to install default website blocking. These filters will block a wide range of categories: hate speech, drugs, pornography and self-harm.However, over-blocking is a serious and unavoidable effect of filtering. Internet Service Providers like BT and TalkTalk give website owners an…

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