Episode 18 — OptOut on NHS moving and selling your medical data and records! We show you how and it is simples! We discuss the Rise of Hipster Marxism!

We aim To engage, To inform, To inspire. With Social Commentary and Topical Talk of the weeks goings on, which really should have us all looking and asking questions. As well as Discoveries, Mysteries and much much more.

Hipster Marxism — new isms for 2014

We meet Mohammad who introduces “Islamic Economics” what he goes on to describe mirror the Venus Project and an Resource Based Economy.

Reddit, Firefox and more to go dark in protest of TPP, The Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Wealthiest 85 own the same amount of money as the poorest 3.5 billion — Why are certain people not on the list!?

Judge affirms a 100mile boundary around the US a zone where the US Cons tuition no longer applies

iPhone user? Take to the internet search “dropoutjeep”

Global Media Mission arrives to investigate press freedom in Britain”

We become the Sunscreen 🙂 to give some ideas, inspiration of building relationships

a smidgen of Fortean stories! ”

As well as Fortean stories from across the spectrum.

and a promise of more this is Rabbit Hole That Is Reality.

Opt out of YOUR Medical records being moved and thus sold!





Judge affirms a 100mile non constition border around the usa


Redit mozilla righhts group to protest online snooping memory.


Samsung Battery “Near field Communication” why is my battery sending data… not just the phone.