Episode 21 – With much up for topic inc. MoD documents showing the strategic trends and probability for the next 30 years.

We aim To engage, To inform, To inspire. With Social Commentary and Topical Talk of the weeks goings on, which really should have us all looking and asking questions. As well as Discoveries, Mysteries and much much more.

A study published by Harvard – Apt Associates Entitled Crime, Weather and Climate Change – warning that global warming will increase cases of rape and murder.

FDA wants to monitor all social network chatter

Hyundai bring hydroponics into the kitchen – the nano kitchen.

IBM a year on of revealing technology to harvest the suns energy and magnify the amount stored 2000x – with future capacity to be 5000x enough to provide power for the Earth.

What is Pancake day all about?!

We over ran last episode – so a bigger dose as promised of fortean stories .

FEATURE: We delve into documents published by DCDC of the Ministry of Defense – of strategic trends and planning for the next 30 years 2007 – 2036. A very powerful piece of information.

and a promise of more this is Rabbit Hole That Is Reality.


Study entitled crime, weather and climate change published by apt associates by Michael ranson puts forth Global warming will cause more rape.

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management



FDA wants to monitor social networking and online chat, about product risks.



“FDA is the fox guarding the foxes that guard the hen house. You want to get people healthy? Quit putting gluten in everything.”

Hyundai hyrdoponics kitchen




Robotics education program


“Careers in advanced manufacturing and automotive [military] are huge in this area ,” said Miller.

Fortean links

Fortean double


Rare mushroon turns out to be a sex toy – double ended male dildo!

NZ prime minister confirmns he is not a reptilian




According to the Craven herald he died at 8.12 NOT the time stated by the Mail the same time as the clock.


The DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007 – 2036 PDF

The DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme Out to 2040 PDF

TransEvolution: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction