Episode 6 – Hundreds of children as young as 3 profiled as potential terrorists by UK government.

Supermarkets face fine of a £1billion by suppliers — we discuss the dark side.

“Go home illegal immigrants” to go nationwide. We are also no longer allowed to call them illegal immigrants revealed is the NEW P.C. Politically Correct term

Internet censorship. Camerons new censorship bill has been blocks not just on pornography but many other subjects too. We discuss the implications.

Science: False memories implanted into mice, control of behaviour. Potentials?
Technology: Elite hacker died unexpectedly on way to demonstrate
how to hack heart implants.
Disney unveils new interactivity technology.

Review of “Wolfsong” animated short film. Downloadable and watchable completely free on Frostclick by Frostwire. Frostclick.com Available under creative commons.

SPECIAL FEATURE: The Mysterious Voynich Manuscript and incredible links to artifacts around the world. Voynich, Roger Bacon, John Dee, Enochian script, dead sea scrolls, Father Crespi and much more.

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