Interview with physical medium Dean Kenyon.
Kristian Lander and Sylvia Wix, we head across the border from Nottinghamshire to Derbyshire. To interview Dean we have an in-depth conversation discussing aspects of mediumship and physical mediumship. what goes into the preparation of an evening of demonstration of physical mediumship, what occurs during a physical seance.

What comes across very well the interview is the intelligent, very knowledgeable, whilst being a grounded individual, he understands the need to be critical and skeptical. He himself is an electrical engineer, a scientist, understanding the need for evidence, requirements of healthy level of skepticism whether believer or not.
“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” Discussing some of the views aimed at mediums by skeptics
Openly discussing oujia boards and tipology/table tilting – a regular feature of many circles.
fascinating and revealing interview with a physical medium.

I spent approximately 9 months as an active participant in Deans physical mediumship circles. An anthropological experience, to become immersed in the events and undertaking. There is much to write home about. Which began to be discussed in issue 4 of Beyond The Line Magazine.