Interview with John Belham Payne

Interview with John Belham Payne, uncut. Recorded at the Day for Patricia Crowther event.
Juan Payne talks candidly and openly of his association and history with Doreen Valiente.
‘I know you’ll do the right thing.’ From Rock ‘n’ roll to Magic. Through a journey of discovery and interest. A disillusion leads forward for significant pathways and opportunities to open up.

Juan talks of the 2000+ rare books; artifacts of historic significance, poems, art, notes and manuscripts within the collection of Doreen Valientee.
Including significant pieces of history such as Gerald Gardeners original book of shadows. Original artifacts not so well known.
Keeping the collection together. Development of the Centre for Pagan Studies. Commitment for the creation of a dedicated museum. Putting together of the trust, so the items could not be sold. Made available to the nation.

Disappointment of the destruction of much correspondence. The 2 books Doreen was working on, before she died. One an expose of the craft. Only notes remain.

John talks of the first blue plaque on a public building, for Doreen Valiente

How the Day for Patricia Crowther came to occur. The life achievements of Doreen Valiente, Gerald Gardener, Prof Ronald Hutton.

Unique insight into the covens and practice of his development, the traditional paths. Touching on the similarities to the degrees of Freemasons.
The availability and instant access of knowledge, with a lack of wisdom – that comes with the internet. Mirrored with its benefits.