When one reaches a certain age as a bloke one can expect to find hair receding. This was and is something altogether different!
As a dark haired individual, losing a portion of hair in one go is quite visible. Biting at my confidence with gnarled teeth. My hair has been a defining characteristic of myself. Sporting longer locks until late twenties. Keeping it smart and trimmed. Before growing it out a couple of times since. Closer to 40 these days than 30.
A trip to Felixstowe at the end of July, where I spent the first night kipping on the sofa. High arms of the sofa, meant my head leaned on the arm. The area of near my left ear going back, was resting on the edge. For the duration of my time thereafter the uncomfortable night with a cricked neck.

The next two days I opted for the living room floor instead. After coming home, I noticed by the end of the week. A line of missing hair! The shape of the very place and line where my head was against the edge of the sofa. I remembered also the sofa had an oily like residue hung in the fabric. Giving it, that cold clammy feel. Didn’t think much of it at the time.

I watched over the coming weeks that more hair was being lost! More hair than usual held in the brush and in the bottom of the bath. As someones whose hair has not grown out and kept tidy just below ears as a maximum length, enough that I could do something with gel and hair care wise. This was deftly embarrassing. Was this natural? What could cause this? Been considering documenting it, truth be told I did not wish to draw attention to the widening bald line.
Since mid-August have been growing out my hair in perhaps a vain attempt to hide this shame. Was the cause perhaps some kind of fabric spray? Was it perhaps the Mr Muscle cleaning liquid have used on the bathroom sink? After all its primary purpose is to dissolve hair! 🙁

Noticing the hair being lost. Asked the question Am I going to leave it as it is? Perhaps shave off the rest. Going full on Richard O’Brien former presenter of The Crystal Maze or the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels both sporting a smooth shaved head for so long, they appear to defy ageing. 

Even went as far as taking a selfie, importing the photograph to Paintshop Pro and editing out the hair. Did not look like me looking back. :-S

From here the only question I am left with – What am I going to do?

Went with a combination of Alpectin shampoo and Alpectin caffeine formula to restrengthen and encourage the growth of what I have. Concerned that I may have to buy into monthly Regaine purchases too. Can inform you that whilst it has taken a fair few months… Amazingly the hair is regrowing, albeit it is pale and blonde!
Crazy. Now it seems I have to dye my hair and I think I can cope with that!

Brought back the inner self-confidence for sure. Maybe even will stave off the appearance of ageing too.