How did we arrive here?

The landscape of anomalous phenomena and the exploration of the strange and mysterious often navigate various avenues.

Christian J Romer, chair of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP), has frequently remarked on the need for a regular meeting ground in the Midlands region during the weekly Thursday ASSAP webinars. “In the Midlands, we need a regular meeting,” he emphasizes. “There’s a significant number of members in the East Midlands, specifically in the Nottingham Derby area. It’s time for us to come together.”

However, I’m expressing a desire for something more than just casual gatherings at pubs. Asking questions such as; Have there been any conferences or day events in Nottingham/Derby that delve into the realms of the spooky, ufology and cryptids? Thus far, such engagements seem limited to small gatherings and monthly speaking events. Further more, Is there anything that has a more accessible rational and grounded approach? Not really. The Skeptics in the pub? Maybe.

While the Society for Psychical Research, representing the academic side of the supernatural and psi, typically holds its annual meetings in the southern regions of the country, recent trends have seen a shift towards online platforms. Similarly, the ASSAP Conference tends to convene at Bath University, reflecting the concentration of ASSAP members in the southern regions.

Bath seems to be a hub for events such as the Fortean Film Festival, while the aptly named Weird Weekend North takes place further up north. Yet, there appears to be a notable absence of such conferences catering specifically to the curious minds of the Midlands.

In contrast, events like Mind, Body, and Spirit gatherings, as well as conferences focused on conspiracy theories and alternative history like Awakening, draw audiences entrenched in their beliefs or those open to discoveries. However, there seems to be a middle ground waiting to be explored—an approach that acknowledges the existence of the unexplained phenomena, recognizing that there’s substance worth exploring further. The goal of CuriouSphere is to engage individuals in a journey of discovery, enticing them to unravel the mysteries that may surround us, even if we haven’t yet connected all the dots.

Therefore, the emphasis lies on maintaining a title that remains open-ended and inclusive, steering clear of terms like “haunted,” “spooky,” or the clichéd “I’m not saying it’s aliens.” This approach ensures that the invitation to explore the weird and wonderful remains inviting and accessible.

So it’s time to produce an event, a one-day accessible conference event. With speakers, guests and a range of topics that invoke the guests to be inspired.

Currently researching venues. Originally considered May, as conference season begins, then July however many are away, but October seems more enticing in time for the season of Hallowe’en.

Reach out if you would like to develop and be involved.