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Damian Freddi | Our Curious World with Kristian Lander #15

Damian Freddi | Our Curious World with Kristian Lander #15 


Damian Freddi, actor and screen/scripter writer. Host of the York Terror Trial is our guest on Our Curious World with Kristian Lander.
You can choose to not believe a ghost story, history on the other hand! I met Damian when I attended the York Terror Trail last year. Much different than your usual tour, Yorks history built on blood, murder, tragedy and betrayal. Found this to be a much richer experience. We exploring a varied conversation.

Our Curious World. An audio and video podcast. There’s something to be said for genuine conversation. Interested in a broad variety of topics, broadcasting is my way to explore them. Always learning. Join me to watch and listen to a fascinating discussion today. Kristian.

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