Join us on an exciting adventure as we explore the vibrant city of Newcastle! From attending the premiere of the gripping audio podcast “Shadows at the Door” at the historic Newcastle Castle, to indulging in arcade fun at YuMe and immersing ourselves in the rich history of the city, this video diary log captures the essence of our unforgettable journey hunting the 80s themed Cadbury Mint Twirl. Discover the iconic landmarks, such as the Victoria Statue, Newcastle Cathedral, Earl Grey Monument, and Grainger Market, as we uncover the hidden gems of this captivating destination. Don’t miss out on this immersive and action-packed Newcastle experience!

Was a #Twitter notification from Shadows at The Door David Ault on the Wednesday evening that inspired, a quick browse of trains and coaches to travel up the country. Well just a week or so before was in Berwick Upon Tweed and Bamburgh when we had travelled through Newcastle and I remarked had never stopped there. This was an opportunity to calm that adventurous spirit, get some mental health points and some horror! For Shadows at the door is an audio production with a focus on unsettled horror in an anthology format. Recent outings of Dorian Gray. Season 3 promised to be larger in cast and scope, the premier unveiling was to be live at Newcastle Castle. How can one not seek to have nerves tickled and finally meet David after some 15 years.

We stopped briefly in Leeds to explore the market, now why did a market stall charge me buying a couple of cans as ASDA Stores Leeds to the card, I’ve no idea. Fresh fruit and we were on our way again!

Newcastle recently completed science and university quarter confronted us after some urban backstreets where we had hopped off the coach.
Walking the town, taking in the sights, back alleys and under bridges up to the Crown Plaza. Finding the room window was just a sliver of a window overlooking a derelict site and a massive wall with no window!

Went on the hunt for the newly released Mint Twirl! Its a bit 80s isn’t it? says the anti-advertising campaign. Gonna track this down Mission Impossible style… alas the first shop I went into, it’s right there! Perhaps in luck too to Sylvia’s suggestion. Because no other store had any inside! Golden naked female statues, a castle and the end of Hadrian’s wall. Satisfied my joy of finding some good #Lamppostporn

Greek Tepe followed by a night at the castle was an excellent evening! The premiere of Shadows at the door, the girly being a bit star struck rose a smile. Finally getting her out of the home, was hard so was good to see her enjoying herself.

OK, Metal Jesus style the following day, let us go track down some independent game shops! Alas, our results on a Sunday were not fruitful, did however spot a Space Invaders icon painted on a wall. The YouMe modern arcade and The Ctrl Pad a for hire, pay to enjoy a number of consoles, arcade machines and themed areas. Seems a lot of fun but not for us. Unfortunately, the best recommendation of indy game shops for retro and cool collectables was in the Grainger Market that had passed through the day before. The store closed. Lunch beckoned as we stomped the streets. Took in some more sights, before a late running coach took us back to the city of legends.

(Despite having a license to utilize certain pieces of music, Youtube copyright kept flagging simple 80s theme vibes rifts as being owned by a person in India, very much not the case. So had to go back and modify it a number of times. Until those powers that be gave the ok.)