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Robin Hoods
Photos and graphics

Robin Hoods 

Created graphics for Nottingham group ‘Robin Hoods’, based on an initial design by groups founder Earl Balrog McFarlane

The third image was the base image, image 1 and 2 are complete from scratch originals updated from a 300×233 image to a 1920×1080 for greater level of use. I created the stylish arcade joystick/buttons by taking a photograph of my arcade stick. Then having it set as a layer, creating then further layers for each button and 2 circles for the joystick. Then using paintshop pro x7 my preferred graphic package giving it a drop shadow creating the 3Dimensional shadow.

The second image is the same, with stylish use of font with emboss and sun illumination.

robinhoodbuild2  robinhoodbuild3illumin robinhood2

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