As you may have gathered from the documentary produced in 2018, the History and Future of Streets of Rage and the recent Streets of Rage The Wilderness Years. I’m a bit of fan of SEGAs classic arcade and home brawler. The combination of crisp punchy electro tech music and gameplay that was just as punchy! Certainly left an impression and thus began my passion of the scrolling scrappers!

Limited Run games finally came through and Streets of Rage 4s physical Playstation 4 edition dropped on my doormat. Complete with a CD soundtrack, a collectable card and reversible cover to its original Japanese title Bare Knuckle. Whilst cool, I wanted cooler!

With an afternoon I got artsy with Adobe Photoshop! The goal in mind, to create a Sega Mega Drive slip-cover with original custom artwork and design. Working from a base template, I sort about crafting and bringing in elements to stylize the design. Utilizing the press-kit for back screen-shots and part of the front cover. Taking a screenshot from History and Future of SOR documentary to provide the front backdrop of the city.

Arranging the respective logos of those who helped develop the title. Writing the text for the back, next to each image. Expanding on the statements and press text. Adding also Limited Run publishing.

Will be taking a Mega Drive case, removing and/or filing down the cartridge holder. Adding in a CD/DVD holder that I have extra to secure inside. The manual also at least the PS4 edition will fit rather snuggly in it’s new home.
The new slip, fits perfectly!


Added below is a high resolution .png and/or .PSD file for you to download! Save and print

Download PNG

Download .PSD