Created a tailored set of compelling examples of unusual ghostly experiences to be found in video gaming.

Exploring examples in the relatively recent medium of interactive entertainment,
Going beyond where ghosts are more than generic enemy types, a foe to easily overcome, or spectral guides. But where their existence and presence is a mechanic fundamental to the experience or a really interesting concept!
The unusual world of video games and ghosts.

In my mind was more agonizing to create a title than to pen the essay. To why you create the title after! Aiming to be a punchy title, though not content it conveys the right message, but for broader appeal of the nature of internet users – lists and clickable fodder headlines. Having to pack down construct and deconstruct the opening sentence a number of times. As most search engines and YouTube grabs the first 220 characters to use!

How did I choose the included titles? By asking myself and those close who game to discuss ghost mechanics. There was a striking distinction between the games that use ghosts are generic enemy types – Capcoms Ghosts and Goblins / Ghouls and Ghosts for instance. Would the game be fundamentally different if they were something else, say robots or rabbits? The answer was no. As were in Quantic Dreams Beyond Two Souls the incorporeal entity of Aiden was as crucial to the game mechanics as the narrative.