Rev Peter Laws is our guest, author of a number of best-selling books including ‘Purged’, ‘Unleashed’ and ‘The Frighteners’. Columnist of Fortean Times for a fascinating conversation. Exploring the mind of the macabre. The publics captivation with serial killers and exploring the threads of vampires and werewolves.

 Here’s an hour-long vid interview with me, talking monsters, serial killers, end of the world, kids & more. I also cover my #MattHunter novels + non-fiction book #TheFrighteners. Share if you care!… Peter Laws – social media.

Our Curious World. An audio and video podcast. There’s something to be said for genuine conversation. Interested in a broad variety of topics, broadcasting is my way to explore them. Always learning. Join me to watch and listen to a fascinating discussion today. Kristian.

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