David Knights talks with Kristian Lander. David Knight  – Professional actor, poet, performer and public speaker. Writes his popular blog Druidry and Weirdry transpired was the conversation about the role of a bard in the 21st century and the important role they’ve had throughout history. Best to consider this episode as a ‘flashback’ to an earlier time, for there is a reason. I was asked very recently “Do Bards even still exist in England?”
Just so happened that David and I, simply sat down together left a digital recorder running and explored a conversation in the Autumn of 2014, on that very topic. So hold that in mind that the audio is not of studio quality, the audio has been re-adjusted for clarity.

Our Curious WorldAn audio and video podcast. There’s something to be said for genuine conversation. Interested in a broad variety of topics, broadcasting is my way to explore them. Always learning. Join me to watch and listen to a fascinating discussion today. Kristian.

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