Halloween Week you’ll be able to download the special audio to your podcast player, mp3 or watch on Youtube. Inspired by a late-night 2am viewing of The Exorcist at the ASSAP Conference.

“A Dark and Stormy Night to watch a movie” will be an exciting experimental WatchALong commentary #horror #podcast Coming #Halloween2022
Featuring Peter Laws, Bethan Briggs-Miller, Deborah Hyde and Kristian Lander. Fans of Rifftrax and Mystery Science Theatre 3000 will be right at home!

The movie selected is part of the Amazon Prime base subscription, it’s on DVD/Blu Ray and may it as part of your collection. The movie selected by Peter Laws is…. drum roll please, The Amityville Horror 4: The Evil Escapes! Watch or listen to our reactions, thoughts, and commentary on one of the unsung chapters in the Amityville saga.