Clifton Village and Clifton Grove in the south west of Nottingham contains a wealth of folklore and stories. Come along and dip your toes into the River Trent and join in to listen and learn about folklore and curses! An adventure vlog!

It must be said, I endeavoured to cover some of the stories in an earlier video, recorded some 4 years ago! Weather on that day got the better of me, beaten by rain and lack of preparation. Was history doomed to repeat itself? Whilst the weather was more favourful, arriving when bright, clear and beautiful.
I explore the grounds of Clifton Village church, spying eyes on Clifton Hall. Before venturing down the waters edge. Enjoying a walk up to the former gardens containing Giant redwoods and contained lakes.
Nottinghams Hidden History team content on the area proved invaluable for details, before I got my shoes wet by the riverside to shares tales of Curses and omens of Clifton Grove.
Nottingham Hidden History Team | “If only half of the history that has happened in Nottingham had happened in some other place, that place would be famous; but because it did happen here no one knows”. (
Clifton Grove also a home to the beginning of J.M. Barries famous story of Peter Pan, as it was here walking with fellow author that they came across a young boy covered in leaves living in the undergrowth.