Nottingham claims to an origin tale to Pancakes. Pancake day is nigh upon us. As we prepare to make and toss our pancakes. It is a perfect time to share this fascinating legend from the Fortean rich village of Linby. North of the city of Nottingham. Home to a whole host of legends, myths and eerie stories all wrapped up in a very small place. Spring Heeled Jack is said to have made strides across the field on Quarry Lane. The same field as a crop circle around the turn of the millennium. Phantom scenery and much more. Linby lays claim also to be an origin location of Pancakes!

Stemming from when women were enslaved by Danish invaders, the Vikings. The men had fled. Before eventually an opportunity was seized upon, the women fought back against their oppressors claiming the village back. The pancake their victory.

A fun, entertaining accessible information led video. Making pancakes, talking to camera. 2.57min Closed captions are available.

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Source: Linby Parish Council Information.