Episode 17 – Government/National Grid pays £4.8 to renewable energy companies to keep Wind farms turned off…during an energy shortfall over Christmas period. We go into detail of the costs and ask the question why?

We discuss future of the show, Adam Antiums Life on a soapbox! (Link below)

Dolphins like to get high, new footage demonstrates a behaviour not seen before. We find such behaviour also in monkeys. Why do humans encourage cats to have hallucinogenics yet chastise other humans who do.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling says “We have to curtail the role of the court in the UK, we have to replace the Human Rights Act.” 2014 it will happen.

Homeless? “Well thats just how God works”

Where do governments/institutions and organizations learn how much “trust” we have in them? We ask the question and find out. In doing so we find some startling statistics.

Double Special Feature:

With 2014 now here, we look at Issac Asimovs predictions which he envisaged in 1964 for what may be standard and the challenges of 2014. Robotics, population control, mobile phones and more!

Learning from Blacks Law: We discover and teach you! How to sign your name whilst retaining your rights and not assume liability. From now on, I know how I will sign my name.

Telegraph wind farms





Across the atlantic mayor bloomberg says being homeless is just the way god works.






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