In this show, I share a conversation with Thomas and Lasse of Hidden Denmark. Their team has forged together from different backgrounds and disciplines. Bringing to the table a variety of knowledge and experience. All with a dedicated passion for folklore, history, legends, and a taste for the unusual. We have been actively researching across the breadth of the country of Denmark. Producing accessible adventure audio tours.

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Show notes

Was a truly eye-opening conversation to the stories of Denmark, their journey coming together – we went into overdrive for another half hour beyond the bell and explored other fascinating events. Thomas, Lasse and myself have agreed to follow this up very soon, with another dedicated show to certain legends and stories.

This conversation was recorded using Skypes NDI external API function going into Open Broadcaster/OBS, to record the conversation as a 3-way conversation. Each video and audio line broadcast taken in separately. The audio is great, and though the sync is 100% with myself, appears there is slight delay to video for Thomas and Lasse.

Hiddenmark website can be found here

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