Episode 8 – Daring to go places Alice didn’t. Rabbit Hole That Is Reality is the bi-weekly radio podcast. In Ep 8 the 300 million year old “gear”. Meshnet, a new wireless secure internet. Hovis made redundancies, then replaced them with 0-hour contracted agency staff plus much more.

“Topical talk, social commentary, science, technology, unexplained mysteries, fortean and much more.”

A “Gear” found in Vladivostok within coal, has been certified to be 300 million years old. Coupled with the fact it is 98% aluminium it is man-made… we discuss this as well as other artifacts of a similar vein from recent times that defy explanation.

Meshnet a new wireless internet broadcasting like a daisy chain from wireless mast to laptops, getting the internet to rural locations and creating an entire internet seperate from prying eyes.

Bradley/Chelsea Manning sentenced to prison for 35 years for revealing US Military intentional warcrimes and atrocities.

Alan Rusbridger edit of the Guardian where Snowden whistleblew documents, information regarding NSAs vast surveillance operations against the world with GCHQ. Atrocities and planning for world control. Forced to destroy the harddrives or the papers gets shutdown.

Hovis bakery workers made redundant to bring in 0-hour contract agency staff.

Russia Anti-gay row over next years olympics is entirely created by the western media.


In the race for resources oil gas minerals. 2 stories under the environment are on the agenda for discussion and awareness.

Activists condemn refusal to allow Arctic Sunrise icebreaker entry to Northern Sea Route attempting to peacefully protest the oil drilling into the top of the world.

They want to dig up the Great Barrier Reef! One of natures wonders…. for oil and profit.


Comcast threatens to sue News site torrentfreak for covering the embarrassing news that Comcast themselves were uploading copyright content to “honeytrap” downloaders. Followed by the statement

Who cares, we have enough money to keep pretty much any case in court until our foes are ground to dust.”

Cashless society moves closers. No more using cash on the bus from next year in Transport for London cost-cutting plan.

Pirates bay celebrates 10thyear anniversary!

Review of Copia A — from Trexel Animation studios. Available free to watch and download from Frostwire and Frostclick.com

New segment — Mythbustin’

Schrodingers Cat — whats the truth behind the heavily used statement.

With fortean stories new and from history and a promise of much, much more this is Rabbit Hole That Is Reality.

Thank you for listening.

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