Sharing a conversation with Rob Dawes and Brendan Scoular of the Mansfield and Sutton Astronomical Society. Who operates the Sherwood Observatory. Our Curious World | Sherwood Observatory MSAS.

A great conversation with Rob and Brendan. Discussing the 50 year anniversary of the Observatory driven by the passion of committed members of the community with an interest in Astronomy, the science of the Cosmos. The signed off plans to expand and become a full-fledged Planetarium and science centre. The humbling experience of observing the Night Sky. Naked eye astronomy. We also go into Overdrive, discussing the significance of the Pale Blue Dot and the Earth Rise photographs. The Mars Helicopter and Voyager probes. We touch on The Thunderbolt Incident, which occurred a mere stone’s throw from the Observatory. All this and more.

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Show notes

This marks the second occasion, where Our Curious World has done a 3-way conversation. There’s always something isn’t there ^_^ Seems my master recording was only saving the conversation via Skype initially, rather than through Open Broadcast Software. Thankfully they matched up perfectly and a few minutes in, all is fine video-wise. Have added a number of additional clips, photographs and footage. I flipped the releases around for Megan Shores Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity as the festival was a week out from the beginning of the Festival. Though this show with the guys of the Mansfield and Sutton Astronomical Society was recorded before.

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