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Is GAME transphobic? 

Is GAME transphobic?

Asking the question, Is GAME transphobic? A survey from GAME asking members to complete and then sign up for ‘Interface.’ 3rd gender options not present, “Unfortunately not really heard of that one before.”

It may be a simple oversight. Yet when thinking about current gender identity politics, such a simple oversight can be incredibly upsetting for those of the trans-community. Faced with the decision of Choose just one, Either Mario or Peach. Male or Female.

Reaching out to GAME through social media, through website live chat ‘…nothing can be done…’ before a phone call to their main customer service line. Surveys and sign-ups are really data gathering exercises, for they are used for analytics and observing trends. Business intelligence. Yet here there is an opportunity, seemingly not even considered. Not considered by the crafters of the survey, was the non-inclusion of gender-awareness in its inception. Could this be considered indirect discrimination of trans people?


They did confirm, they would look into the matter and I have some details and images to sent over to GAME digital.

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