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Episode 10 – Rabbit Hole That Is Reality
Rabbit Hole That Is Reality Radio show

Episode 10 – Rabbit Hole That Is Reality 

Episode 10 of Rabbit Hole That Is Reality covers GTAV and why the truther movement should embrace it, the Wonga type private finance initiative deals that are bankrupting hospitals

Australias New Government dumps their science minister post:

Eco-Madness the bizarre cases done in the name of climate change, from eathworms to polar bears:,, Arctic ice is growing darker and less reflective:,

The DC Navy Yard Shooting-reported before it happened!:,

Why the cyberwar won’t happen:

how you can play with anti-matter in your own home:, the first human-neanderthal hybrid found:, why 11 million users have abandoned Facebook:,

Foxconn closes after workers riot.

Atlantis is claimed to have been found-again! and the Codex Gigas, the “devils bible” that was entirely written on human skin

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