Episode 9 – With Syria and G20 in the news of late, we try not to dwell because every news source out there has been covering it from dozens of angles – a quick commentary. Coupled with a mind-blower that may have been missed.

Friends and family are getting in the way of jobless finding work according to a report. Not to mention new government guidance to make the out of work citizens travel 90s mins to the jobcentre to sign on.

How to solve the financial system – yes the invisible god hand of the marker, that doesn’t exist. There are ways, 6 answers that present structure is being directed, we take a look.


And in health matters of our topical overview. Jeremy Hunt, says to hospitals that must have 75% vaccinated staff in order to receive their a&e budgets funding for next year.

BBC and SEGA together to develop an experimental natural history park in Bristol.

2 exclusive interviews, we talk with “Mista Menis” Music producer Yohan Nelson. About his views on the music scene, control and the state of society.

We hold round table discussion with PIEM Paranormal Investigation East Midlands members Sion-Marc Simpson and Mark Birch on the topic of Deja Vu, bringing in time slips, past lives and much more.

Ending with a fortean failed alien implant story which has to be heard to be believed…. it is just a shame so many are believing.

With fortean stories new and from history and a promise of much, much more this is Rabbit Hole That Is Reality.

Thank you for listening.

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