Cold, grim night with the bluster of storm Dennis rattling all the shutters and blowing cardboard all over. Going through the process of unloading a HGV delivery of food and produce at work, tail lift after tail lift of stock being brought into the store. As part of the reverse logistics; sending cardboard/plastic, waste food away. Each type of waste in a different coloured bag, wrapped up in a tray. As part of the legal compliance how many trays of each has to be counted and logged. 16 green general food waste, 10 yellow bakery/bread and 12… ermm… I’m looking at them. They are prepared. I have counted them, I know they are for meat waste. Making a note of each type before writing it on the legal paperwork. 16 G, 10 Y, 12… the word for the colour is not coming from the mind, the harder I am thinking. I can hear myself. “What… what is the name? What is it called?” In desperation I wrote 10 M on my notes. Before driver took them onto his vehicle. And it hits me ‘Orange!’ How is the world could I forget the word ‘Orange?!

For a week now, that question has been haunting me. How could I forget the word Orange, after all it’s not just the word I’m writing down for a note. It is the very colour I am looking at. The sense of being completely blank. Like a part of familiar memory was missing. This has me concerned. I have noticed the struggle to recall names, events, books when in conversation. Stumbling trying to recall the context, hoping it pops back in there.

Cause for concern. My grandmother on mother’s side. Suffered with dementia in later life. So am faced with, the stark reality of high probability that I too may face the crippling mental disease. No one wants to lose their sense of self, pride, their identity. So what can I do about it ? Relatively healthy, right now – though looking down cannot quite see my feet. So should be hitting the gym and yoga mat more often. Yet maintaining mental health is more difficult. How to exercise and keep the brain forming neuro pathways? Doing Dr Kawasawa Brain training on the DS/Switch does that really work? Is that more pattern recognition? Learning instruments and playing video games and reaction based entertainment I understand is known to improve mental health and hold back degeneration. After all the brain is a muscle, it need a exercise!7

There is the thought also am I consuming something that is degenerating them? Am I thinking too much? Gah!

My idea is, using the platform of ‘Our Curious World’ the video/audio I produce covering a wide variety of topics and guests. I will be reaching out to those who know more about the field. Discover developments and aspects that can improve the potential situation. Hopefully you can join me on this journey.


This is Orange! On that day… I simply did not know.